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February Birthstone; Amethyst

For those born in February your birthstone is the purple variety of quartz, amethyst. available from lilac through to deep purple it is often available in an abundance of shapes and sizes. It is believed wearing amethyst can be a symbol of personal empowerment and inner strength with the spiritual meaning of amethyst to be groundedness, tranquility and calm.

Amethysts were once as rare as ruby or emerald with Russia being the major source until the 19th century when large deposits were found in Brazil. Whilst Brazil is still a major supplier, it boasts a much lighter colour than those found in other countries with the Anahi mine in Bolivia and the Kariba mine in Zambia producing the more richly saturated colours of superb quality. The Anahi mine is also famous for its incredible bi-coloured amethyst-citrine gemstone “ametrine”.

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Amethyst is a 7 on the Mohs scale of hardness making them suitable for daily wear however over time may show wear requiring republishing. It’s unusual for amethysts to be treated however heat treatments are not unheard of to improve colour. It is recommended you get a professional clean and check at least annually to assess for any general wear and tear. For general care at home it is recommended to use a soft toothbrush with warm soapy water and like all precious and semi-precious stones it’s important to be careful when storing not to let stones run against each other to avoid scratching. Whether you’re shopping for the February birthstone, or a gemstone to celebrate your 6th wedding anniversary, be sure to check out our beautiful range of amethysts.

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