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Jewellery Insurance


Jewellery is often significant financial and emotional investment, naturally we want to ensure that these important pieces are protected. Whilst there is no way to compensate for emotional losses relating to your treasured pieces, you can protect yourself financially.

People often assume that their home and contents insurance includes adequate cover for their jewellery and watch items. Unfortunately in our experience when items have been damaged, lost or stolen and they need to make a claim, their insurance falls short, or worse, doesn't cover them at all. 

We have found most home and contents policies will not cover your jewellery outside your home, nor will they cover damages and will require you to itemise these on your policy at an increased premium. Even with itemised policies we have found people not receiving fair value replacements due to "jeweller of choice" arrangements many insurers have. We have also found the process is often extremely drawn out and a difficult process for the client with a long list of proof of ownership information, photographs and value information required.

After many years of research, we here at Bryant Family Jewellers highly recommend QReport Jewellery & Watch Insurance for your treasured items. 

QReport gives you worldwide protection for damages, theft and loss. They have a flat $100 excess no matter the claim, 125% coverage, no impact claims and you can return to your jeweller of choice and your jewellery is automatically re-valued every 12 months (saving you $65 per piece!). 

Standalone jewellery insurance like QReport is designed to give you comprehensive protection against life’s uncertainties. If disaster strikes, you can be confident that your insurance is tailored to provide the best cover possible specifically for your jewellery.

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