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Jewelry Maker's Table

Frequently Asked Questions

Bryant Family Jewellers 101

Custom jewellery, where do I begin?

It's a good idea to start by exploring designs and gathering ideas to get a general concept of what your looking for (for example an engagement ring with a pear cut stone). Once you have an idea of what you're looking to create we recommend booking a consultation appointment so we are able to discuss and show you options and provide an obligation free quote along with estimated time frames.

What's the process for repairs and restorations?

When it comes to repairs and restorations we recommend booking a consultation appointment so we are able to assess and discuss any work that may be required. We can provide you with obligation free advise and endeavor to provide quotes and estimated time frames during this consultation. Sometimes we do require more time to gather together accurate quotes for you, in this event we will advise a rough time frame for us to be able to provide you this information.

What's the process for remodeling old jewellery?

If you're considering remodeling old jewellery items into new piece(s) we recommend booking a complementary consultation appointment where you bring along anything you are thinking of using for us to discuss. If you have ideas of what you'd like to turn those piece(s) into then it's also recommended that you bring those along to determine what would be required (for example additional stones or material may need to be added). Alternatively if you are looking for guidance and inspiration then simply bring along the item's you're looking to use and we can assist in where to begin.

How do I get my jewellery valued, what's included and how much does it cost?

Valuations are undertaken for a variety of reasons such as insurance, estate, re-sale and simply to have an itemised list of your pieces.  The valuation process includes cleaning, polishing (rhodium plating where required) and photographing before our registered valuer tests, weighs and assesses each piece for the formal certificate. The cost and turn-around time for valuations will vary depending on the number of pieces however most valuations are completed within 1 business day and cost $65 per piece. We recommend booking in for a complementary valuation consultation where an accurate quote and turn-around time can be provided to you based on your specific pieces. Please note we offer discounted costs based on multiple items done at the same time.

Do you offer cleaning?

Absolutely! Cleaning most often can be done while you wait no appointment required. We offer ultra-sonic and steam cleaning as a complementary service and it typically takes 10 minutes to complete, adding in polishing takes around 15-20 minutes and comes with a cost of $10 per piece and finally rhodium plating takes around 30-45 minutes to complete with a cost of $65 per piece. In some circumstances we will need a little longer especially if you have a large quantity of jewellery or it is badly tarnished however it can still typically be completed same day. Please note we offer discounted costs based on multiple items done at the same time.

Do you replace watch batteries and do other kinds of watch repairs?

We certainly do replace watch batteries, seals along with repairing and replacing watch straps, typically while you wait. Whilst it is rare sometimes we will need to custom order a battery in for your watch and we endeavor to get this in as quickly as we can for you. In addition to this whilst we carry a range of watch bands in store please note we don't always have the exact colour, size or style you may be after so we may have to custom order one in which typically takes 1 - 5 business days to arrive. 

For bigger repairs such as servicing or replacement parts we have to send to our watchmaker for assessment and quotation. This process typically takes 5 business days, however please note when parts are required quotes can sometimes take longer than this. This is a complementary service and should you choose not to proceed with the repair (or repair is not able to be done) there will be no charge. Unfortunately we are unable to do bigger watch repairs on site as we do not have the room in store. 

How long do job's take?

Job turn-around times can vary a lot so we recommend booking a consultation to get a more accurate ETA however please see a guide of some common time frames below

Repairs: 1-2 weeks

Remodeling & Custom Manufacture: 6-8 weeks

Watch Repairs: 2-4 weeks

Please note as our workshop is on site we do our very best to fit urgent jobs in as quickly as possible when required for specific dates however we will advise at the time of discussing your job(s) whether it will be achievable. 

Do I need to make an appointment to come in?

We don't require appointments for any of our services during our regular trading hours however if you are wanting to have your consultation with a specific staff member we recommend you do pre-book as otherwise we are unable to guarantee their availability. In addition if you are wanting to make an appointment outside our regular trading hours we are more than happy to do this however you will need to contact us to arrange a suitable time.

What is your warranty?

Quality and integrity are of the utmost importance to us and all jewellery comes with a manufacture warranty. 

If a manufacturing issue is found, Bryant Family Jewellers will repair the damage and any relevant costs, without charge. Lost, damaged, or chipped diamonds and stones are not covered under our warranty.

If there is noticeable damage such as bent settings, heavily dinted metal or is showing signs of improper care, charges may apply. 

Please note, our warranty is void if you take your piece to another jeweller for resizing or repair work. We do not take responsibility for work done by other jewellers. This includes repairs and resizing.

We highly recommend the purchase of independent jewellery insurance for your treasured pieces. This will protect you for accidents and total loss. More information on insurance can be found on our insurance page.

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